Shipping Terms

Logistics Range
The range reaches United States of America .

Shipment Schedule
package will be sent in the next 2-3 days. At the same time, an informed e-mail will be there in your e-mail box once the parcel is out. The tracking number inside is to trace the timely status of parcel.
Usually, it may take 7 to 15natural days for the parcel to arrive in most countries or your place. However, during the epidemic prevention and control period, due to various factors such as flights and various countries' prevention and control measures, it is expected that there may be delays in customs clearance and delivery. It is recommended that you use the official website and other self-service query tools after the shipment is issued to keep abreast of the shipment's transshipment status.

Transportation Fee

World-wide FREE SHIPPING Over $69 (default Logistics)

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